Planning Unexpected Happiness

Planning Unexpected Happiness

What makes you happy? Is it getting a new phone? Is it getting a job? Or is it getting something you want? Why do we think that this particular thing will make me happy? Or is it just the experience? The experience of seeking something you want. The pursuit of happiness. Or the moments of serendipity, looking for something but getting something better.

Why are we unhappy?

We are designed to desire, to dream. We want only better things to happen in our life. Sometimes we enjoy a very little of what we have, and we want something more satisfactory. For many of us, the fear of unhappy future is the reason. But expecting better can be a good thing. A very famous dialogue from a movie The Shawshank Redemption says, “Hope is a good thing, may be best of all things. And no good thing ever dies.


Can we plan unexpected happiness?

Most of us would answer this as no. How can we even think of something that is unknown? It will be a waste of time. These are the things you cannot predict. Serendipity can be a coincidence, or maybe you’re just lucky, but you can’t plan for unexpected happiness. But what if we try to reverse engineer the process of serendipity. Our brain is mighty. We can empower ourselves to create such happy accidents. We can program our mind to find the clues.


Let’s come up with an idea. Whatever it could be, you want to build a valuable company which nobody is building, you want to change the world, or maybe you want to find the love of your life. Writing down it on paper is an impression, not in any app on your phone. Review your idea or notes and improve them every single day. Our cognitive intelligence will help in this process. Parse your thoughts into tokens, and these tokens are your pattern. Relate this pattern with your everyday life. Train your brain to recognize this pattern from the real world, and now you have a pattern recognition software. You will have a filter in front of your eyes to see the world which will find the clues for your ideas.


You will get the clues, but it’s up to you to connect the dots. 🙂

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4 years ago

Amazing article!

4 years ago

Planning unexpected happiness 😍