How not to reply to spam emails?

How not to reply to spam emails?

Spam emails are annoying, we all hate spam emails. People often search for, how to permanently stop spam emails? Or Simply, how to stop spam emails?

Even if you use a spam filter in your email setting, you will receive an email by some dude from Nigeria.

Ignoring them is the best solution, as per I know. But you can reply to them if you are just bored and want to do something funny. Well, don’t blame me if you end up sharing your bank details with spammers. :p

Here’s one of my experience with spammers.

It was a Monday morning, I was thinking about how the weekend dusted away in a moment like it was due to the Thanos’s snap. I received a text message.

stop spam email

I quickly Googled the email ID, [email protected]. Found that it was a SPAM. The first thing I remembered was a TED talk by James Veitch. So, instead of looking for how to STOP SPAM EMAILs?, I decided to reply to this spammer.

I sent an email to [email protected], pretending to be interested “I received your message saying that you have got something important to say.”

After around 6 hours, I received two emails one with the same email ID by Robert McClure. And another by Dr Aisha Muhammad.

Robert’s reply was so long; if I add it here, plagiarism will kill my site.

For obvious reasons, I decided to reply to Dr Aisha Muhammad.

She wrote:

Stop Spam Email
Dr Aisha Muhammad

She seemed a genuine person to me. But the thought of going to Syria didn’t impress me. 😕

Stop Spam Emails

I felt better when she confided me with this.

Stop Spam Emails
Dr Aisha Muhammad

But I had my own problems to deal with first. 😑


She replied with this.

Stop Spam Emails
Dr Aisha Muhammad

I clearly failed to impress her. 😔

No doubt she was angry. I decided not to repeat the same mistake again.

Wanted to sound cool, so I wrote.

Stop Spam Emails

I was happy that she replied, but …

Dr Aisha Muhammad

Old problems … Can’t help. 🤷‍♂️

Stop Spam Emails

She was so angry that she didn’t reply to me.

I was sad.

I was waiting for her reply.

But she didn’t reply. So I decided to send an email to Mary, as Aisha asked me to do.

Mary’s email wasn’t reachable. The MX records weren’t pointing to the same domain.

But, I wanted to make sure that I don’t sound over smart.

So, I sent an email to Aisha hoping to fix things between us.

Stop Spam Emails

I could feel butterflies in my stomach when I saw the notification of her reply.

Stop Spam Emails
Dr Aisha Muhammad

I understood the seriousness of the situation. I knew she was in a hurry.

Stop Spam Emails

After this, she never replied me back. 💔

Replying to spam can be fun. Yeah, it does sounds crazy.

Any day is a good day when I receive spam emails like this.

Stop Spam Emails

Replying to spammers will just waste their time ( and mine too ). The time they will utilize to send spams to more people. Or they are targeting vulnerable people who might actually become a victim in this.

If you want to have fun, go to the spam folder in your mail account and start replying.

Don’t use your personal email id like I did, create a fake one unless you want to receive thousands of emails from hair transplant sites. Only one of which was legitimate.

How to stop spam emails?

There’s no real solution to stop spam email, then how to permanently stop spam emails?

Well, your email service already does that for you. If you go to the spam section, you will find some emails regarding the shipment of Gold or diamonds.

There are many spam email checker available online, which are useful when you receive tons of spam emails.

Let me know if this spam email example helped you.

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3 years ago

i am impressed..the answer was too entertaining and well written.. forgive me for writing small case I at first😁